Our Mission

Our goals, values, mission and vision


Our mission is to create a baseball league in every major Arkansas community where all kids can play, where all parents can have memories of their child on a team, and where every “Buddy” in the community wins.

Core Values

  • Children who are disabled are kids first and happen to have a disability. We teach and show respect with this philosophy
    in mind.
  • We can show the world how to communicate, engage and experience the simple joys in life with all people – no matter the physical or mental ability of a human being.
  • Every child should have the chance to play America’s favorite pastime.
  • We never turn a child away.

As individuals in the community and corporate sector participate in Miracle League as volunteer Buddies, they are positively impacted by our players in fresh new ways. If you accept the invitation to be a volunteer Buddy for a Saturday game, you will get more from the experience than you can imagine!


The Miracle League of Arkansas shares its successes and the tools we have developed so that Miracle League baseball teams in communities nationwide can benefit from our experiences.

We all benefit from this very human connection. We learn that while people are different, we also have a great deal in common. Each person has something special to offer the world.

Angels player