2023 NWA Spring Season April 8th- May 20th

Spring Schedule will be updated in March 2023-Stay Tuned!

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Friday, Sept 9th

Field 1
6pm Rangers vs Cubs 
7pm Angels vs Braves 
8pm Yankees vs Dodgers 

Field 2
6pm Royals vs Cardinals
7pm White Sox vs Rays
8pm Mets vs Red Sox

Saturday, Sept 10th

9:30am Orioles vs Mariners

Friday, Sept 16th

Field 1
6pm White Sox vs Braves 
7pm Red Sox vs Cardinals 
8pm Royals vs Rays 

Field 2
6pm Angels vs Cubs
7pm Yankees vs Mets
8pm Rangers vs Dodgers

Saturday, Sept 17th

9:30am Mariners vs Orioles

Saturday, Sept 24th

Field 1
9am Angels vs Dodgers 
10am Rangers vs Mets 
11am Yankees vs Cardinals

Noon Mariners vs Orioles 

Field 2

9am White Sox vs Cubs 
10am Red Sox vs Rays
11am Royals vs Braves

Friday, Sept 30th

Field 1
6pm Red Sox vs Braves 
7pm Royals vs Cubs 
8pm White Sox vs Dodgers 

Field 2
6pm Rangers vs Cardinals
7pm Yankees vs Rays
8pm Angels vs Mets

Saturday, Oct 1st

9:30am Mariners vs Orioles

Saturday, Oct 8th

Field 1
9am Rangers vs Rays
10am Angels vs Cardinals
11am Yankees vs Braves

Noon Mariners vs Orioles

Field 2
9am Red Sox vs Cubs
10am White Sox vs Mets
11am Royals vs Dodgers

Saturday, Oct 15th

Field 1
9am White Sox vs Cardinals
10am Royals vs Mets
11am Red Sox vs Dodgers

Noon Orioles vs Mariners

Field 2
9am Rangers vs Braves
10am Angels vs Rays
11am Yankees vs Cubs

Saturday, Oct 22nd

Field 1
9am Yankees vs Red Sox
10am Angels vs White Sox 
11am Dodgers vs Mets

Noon Orioles vs Mariner

Field 2
9m Cubs vs Cardinals
10am Rangers vs Royals
11am Braves vs Rays

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