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Thanks To All Our Board Members

Your Dedication, Time & Commitment Are Appreciated

Darek Braunecker
Dave & Diane Roberts
Blake Eddins
Derek Owens
Betsy Faulkner-Abbot
Bill Mann
Larry Bowden
Dawn Scott
Chris & Julie Burnley
Mark Davis
Kerry Ellison Lareau
Peggy McCall
John Bowen
Cam Deacon
Olivia Pateble
Shaun Penny

Dr. David Jone
Pete Leven
Dr. Blake McGowan
Shaun Arnell
Kerri O’Hara
Essa Alley
Blake Hanby
Sonya Wooderson
Jeff Mathews
Chip Culpepper
John Towne
Susan Elder
John Lawlor
Jill McIroy

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One-of-a-Kind Player – Matthew

Matthew is 7 years old and literally one-of-a-kind. He has an extra chromosome that is entirely unique when compared to the world’s data bank of chromosomal disorders. Matthew has had delayed development in every way but started walking at 3 years old. His low muscle tone has made things as simple as swallowing very difficult

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MIP Fall 2016

MIP (Most Improved Player) – Fall 2016

The Miracle League offers my son an opportunity to participate in something that belongs to him. We started Miracle League in Jonesboro when that field first opened in 2013. Right after that we moved to Heber Springs so he didn’t really get to play there. After we got settled, the first thing that I searched

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Walmart Private Brands Donation

A huge thank you to the Walmart Private Brands team for their generous donation!

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Courage Award

The “Courage Award” was established in 2015 in honor of our late friend and dedicated member of the Miracle League family, Mr. Chris Anderson.  Chris succumbed to his battle with melanoma in September 2015 but not without a valiant fight against the disease, demonstrating courage, faith, hope and love every day of his life. The

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High Five Award

The Chris Anderson “High Five” Scholarship was formed in 2015 after Chris’ tireless dedication to the Miracle League players, their families and the volunteers when he lost his fight against cancer.  This scholarship was formed in honor Chris and his love of the game. The “High Five” scholarship is awarded to a graduating High School

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The Miracle League Playground is Complete!

The playground at the Little Rock field is completed. Construction started in July 2011 and was completed in time for the fall season. Our playground features a toddler and belt swings, two roller coaster swings, a platform swing that a wheelchair can roll up on, an Omni spinner which is a super cool merry –

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