About Us

miracle_league_newlogoWelcome to the Miracle League …. There is nothing like it!  When you step into the ballpark, you know that there is something inclusive for everyone, from the barrier free surface made of recycled tires to, thus creating a unique opportunity to challenge, to understand and to correcting misperceptions about individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities.  Quickly learning that our players are not much different than yourself they simply go about it differently.


It is a myriad of magical moments, both everyday and extraordinary ones …. Miracles on a field where hope becomes a homerun, where a wheelchair becomes a hot-rod, a metal walker becomes a chariot of fire, bats come in all colors, and a baseball “pings” and turns ears into eyes.


It is a special place, in real time as well as in the heart, where happiness is found not through seeking material pleasures, but in sharing goodness: bat to ball, ball to glove, and Buddy to player.  It’s a place where joy is dressed in jeans, baseball caps become crowns and celebrity finds humility.


The Miracle League diamond sparkles with unselfish, engaged volunteers; where professional players hug young aspirants, teenagers swap their Saturday  morning sleep for smiles and the satisfaction of time better spent, and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, stars run the bases as well as twinkle in the sky.  Parents watch with pride, as memories become monumental in the life of their special child.


Again, there is nothing like the Miracle League with it’s magical moments.  Once you experience a game you will understand why we say, Miracle League – it’s more than baseball!


Join us at the ballpark and welcome to the greatest game on turf.



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