The Miracle League Playground is Complete!

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The Miracle League Playground is Complete!

The playground at the Little Rock field is completed. Construction started in July 2011 and was completed in time for the fall season. Our playground features a toddler and belt swings, two roller coaster swings, a platform swing that a wheelchair can roll up on, an Omni spinner which is a super cool merry – go – round and a roller slide for a fun ride. The playground is a huge addition to the game day experience at the Miracle League complex. Players and their families are arriving early and staying late for their game for the added extra play time where the equipment and area work for them and not against.

A very special thanks to those that make this happen for our kids. The sponsors for this project are: Cliff and Kristen Lee, Riley’s Warriors, Grace & Essa Alley, Toni & Ron Lazenby, Bale Honda, Janet & Sam Alley, Frank & Emily Smith, Gary Smith, VCC, Darek & Shelley Braunecker, Kyle Holmes, Kerry Ellison, Brad Davis, Greg Oaks, Cal Biggers, JC Halsell, Mitzi & Larry Choate, Louise & Roy Gutierrez, Bill McPherson, Pulaski Heights Masonic Lodge, Raouf & Tamara Kassissieh, Haitham Alley, David Parker, Phillip & Louis Cox, Samual Carter, Bancorp South, Matthew & Shannon Karpoff, Mary Ellen Vangilder, Philip Miron, Wade & Clair Alley, John Fogleman, Kim Brockington, JCS Construction, RP Power Little Rock City Parks and Recreation, Matthew & Patricia Jones, Redstone Construction, Rob Veon and crew, Team General Contracting, Southern Star Concrete, Granite Mountain Quarry, Fleming Electric, and Total Landscape Solutions.

Once again Miracle League …. It’s more than baseball!

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