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Please fill out the registration form below to register your player for the 2020 season.

Tenative dates Spring season April 4th-May 16th and Fall season September 11th-October 23rd.Schedules will be posted one week before opening day.

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All players start their Miracle League career in the Original League. Players 4 years and older will have a positive experience while enjoying the game of baseball playing along side a Buddy/volunteer. The Buddy will assist and protect the player so the parents, family and friends can enjoy cheering their budding all star. Games are played on Saturday.
Fundamental League is for players who have played in the Original League and are at least 10 years old. Players in this league will not have a Buddy/volunteer by their side. The goal in this league is to learn by positive interaction with the coaches to be able to play more independently through repetitive drills the fundamental basics in the game of baseball. Games are played Friday evening or Saturday morning.
Competitive League is for players who have played in the Original and Fundamental Leagues and are at least 12 years old. If your player joins this league the skill set learned in the Fundamental League will be put to good use as the budding player steps up to the plate for a game where the basic rules of baseball are followed. Positive attitude and good sportsmanship are taught because there is a winner at the end of the game. Games are played on Friday night.

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